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Welcome to Cooperative Unmanned Systems Laboratory (CUSL)

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About CUSL

The Cooperative Unmanned Systems Laboratory (CUSL) is a multi-disciplinary research group at the University of Kansas (KU) that focuses on the design, development, and testing of teams of unmanned systems for cooperative sensing and cooperative control missions.

The research objectives of CUSL include

  • Autonomous system development.
  • Gust/wake sensing and wind soaring using UAVs.
  • Design of cooperative sensing and estimation algorithms.
  • Design of cooperative controllers.
  • Networked cyber-physical systems.


  • Congratulations to Nidhin Ninan for winning the KU undergraduate award, May, 2018.

  • Congratulations to Pengzhi Tian and Harold Flanagan for their first journal paper on IEEE Transaction on Aerospace & Electronic Systems (TAES), "Design and Evaluation of UAV Flow Angle Estimation Filters", May, 2018.

  • We got a new Kansas Water Research Institute grant together with Tony Layzell (PI) at Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) to work on "Assessing the Effectiveness of Streambank Stabilization Projects on the Cottonwood River using Unmanned Aircraft Systems", Feb. 2018.

  • Congratulations to Jacksen Hugh Goyer, a CUSL undergraduate researcher, for being selected as the Sophomore of the Year by the Aerospace Engineering Department of the University of Kansas, April, 2017.

  • Congratulations to Jeremy Issac Katz, a CUSL undergraduate researcher, for being selected as the recipient the KU undergraduate award, April, 2017.