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Welcome to Cooperative Unmanned Systems Laboratory (CUSL)

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About CUSL

The Cooperative Unmanned Systems Laboratory (CUSL) is a multi-disciplinary research group at the University of Kansas (KU) that focuses on the design, development, and testing of teams of unmanned systems for cooperative sensing and cooperative control missions.

The research objectives of CUSL include

  • Autonomous system development.
  • Gust/wake sensing and wind soaring using UAVs.
  • Design of cooperative sensing and estimation algorithms.
  • Design of cooperative controllers.
  • Networked cyber-physical systems.


  • Three conference papers were accepted by the 2018 AIAA GNC conference and the 2017 AIAA Infotech conference, "Model Aided Estimation of Angle of Attack, Sideslip Angle, and 3D Wind without Flow Angle Measurements", "Model Based Autopilot Gain Tuning for Attitude Tracking of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles", and "Prescribed Fire Monitoring Using KHawk Unmanned Aircraft Systems". Congratulations to Harold and Saket for their fist research papers as the first author.

  • Congratulations to Jacksen Hugh Goyer, a CUSL undergraduate researcher, for being selected as the Sophomore of the Year by the Aerospace Engineering Department of the University of Kansas, April, 2017.

  • Our paper, "Flight-Test Evaluation of Navigation Information in Wide-Field Optical Flow", was accepted by AIAA Journal of Aerospace Information Systems (JAIS), Oct. 2016.

  • We got a new NASA-KS-EPSCoR grant to work on "Autonomous Tornado Damage Track Mapping Using a Small UAS", Oct. 2016.