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Welcome to Cooperative Unmanned Systems Laboratory (CUSL)
1. Haiyang Chao, Yu Gu, Pengzhi Tian, ZhongQuan Zheng, Marcello Napolitano, “Wake Vortex Detection with UAV Close Formation Flight”, AIAA Atmospheric Flight Mechanics (AFM), June, 2015

2. First autonomous flight of Khawk 1, September 2014.

3. Dr. Haiyang Chao visited NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) for one week sponsored by Kansas-NASA-EPSCoR Partnership Development Grant, August 2014.


4. Conference paper "Wind Field and Wake Estimation in UAV Formation Flight" presented at American Control Conference 2014, in Portland, Oregon, July 2014.

5. Journal paper "A Survey of Optical Flow Techniques for Robotics Navigation Applications") was published on the International Journal of Intelligent & Robotics Systems, January 2014.

6. Undergraduate researcher, Elizabeth S. O'Neil, was awarded the undergraduate fellowship from NASA Kansas Space Consortium, December 2013.