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Welcome to Cooperative Unmanned Systems Laboratory (CUSL)



AE 430 Aerospace Instrumentation (Spring 2014/2015/2016)

Class Outline:

Chapter 1. Fourier Transform

Chapter 2. Sampling Theory

Chapter 3. Instrument Specifications

Chapter 4. Measurement Errors

Chapter 5. Data Acquisition

Chapter 6. Data Analysis and Filter Design

Chapter 7. Sensor Calibration

Chapter 8. Aerospace Sensors (Analog/Digital)

AE 752 Linear Multivariable Control (Fall 2014/2016)

Class Outline:

Chapter 1. Introduction & Review

Chapter 2. State Space Representation

Chapter 3. Solution of Linear Systems (LTI/LTV)

Chapter 4. System Stability

Chapter 5. Cooperative Control

Chapter 6. Controllability and Observability

Chapter 7. State Feedback Control and State Feedback Regulator

AE 759 Estimation and Control of Unmanned Autonomous Systems (Fall 2015)

Class Outline:

Chapter 1. Introduction to Unmanned Autonomous System

Chapter 2. Kinematics & Dynamics

Chapter 3. Navigation Sensors

Chapter 4. Kalman Filter

Chapter 5. Complementary Filter

Chapter 6. State Estimation for Unmanned Autonomous Systems

Chapter 7. Cascaded PID Controller for Trajectory Tracking